Annual Competitions for 2023

A number of popular competitions are promoted annually by the League Council

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4. Singles Pairs and Triples Competitions


Each player competing must be a member of a club that is a member of the Whitchurch and District League and must enter from the club he or she is representing in the League.

Each club when entering competitors must provide all names to competition secretary and not ANO.

In addition, participation in Novice Singles Competition shall be restricted to bowlers with less than 3 years’ experience in any bowls match format including indoors and crown green and who have not previously won this competition


The entrance fee shall be decided by the League Council.


Singles - Each game shall be played to Bowls England rules,  

in summary, each player delivers four bowls and the first to 21 shots is the winner of the match.

Pairs - Each game shall consist of 21 ends, each player delivering four bowls.

Aussie Pairs - Each game shall consist of 18 ends, each player delivering four bowls

Triples - Each game shall consist of 18 ends, each player delivering three bowls.

In the event of a draw, an extra end shall be played.


The draw for the competitions shall be made by the League Council or their representatives.

All games must be completed within the time allotted by the League Council and the result forwarded to the Competition Secretary not later than 6.00 p.m. on the day following the closing date of the round otherwise both teams may be disqualified, this will be adhered to strictly.


The first named player/s in each tie shall be the challenger and be responsible for all match arrangements. The challenger must offer his opponent at least three dates including one weekend day, not all in the same week or on Wednesday League nights within 5 days of the publication of the round. 

If no challenge has been made from either Challengers within 10 days, both will be eliminated from competition. The opponent must accept one of the dates offered within three days or concede the tie. 

The time for commencing a tie shall be mutually agreed but no player/s shall be compelled to accept a time earlier than 6.00 p.m. on Mondays to Fridays or 10.00 a.m. on Saturdays or Sundays, nor after 6.30 p.m. on any day.

Afternoon matches are allowed by mutual consent.In the event of the opponent not receiving a challenge within 5 days of the publication of the round,he/she will assume the role of the challenger and offer the opponent three dates, including one weekend day but not a Wednesday League night, if no challenge has been made from either Challengers within 10 days, both will be eliminated from competition. 

The opponent then must accept one of the three dates offered or concede the tie. No alteration of an accepted date shall be made unless mutually agreed upon. Failing such an agreement, the player desiring such alteration must play on the accepted date or give his opponent a ‘walk over’.

The start date for the competition is the last Wednesday in April so all challenges for preliminary/first round ties made before the start of the competition must be within 5 days of that date.


No time extension shall be granted under any conditions. This will be adhered to strictly by the competition secretary. If a match has been extended, the competition secretary will disqualify offending competitors and award a W/O to the next round opponents.


Semi-Final rounds shall be played on a green, mutually agreed upon by the players concerned. Once agreed the challenger should approach the host club for availability. A charge is allowable by the host club capped at £2.00 per player. When a Finals day has been arranged, it will be held at the Whitchurch Presidents club if available. If no Finals Day arrangements the Finals will be played on neutral venue with agreement by the finalists.


Substitutes are allowed in pairs and triples competitions after the first round providing they have not previously played or been part of any team in the competition. They may play in any position ,however if a substitution is made after a match has commenced, due to illness, then the substitute may not play as skip.


All competitors must be available for Finals day if arranged, if they are not they must not enter competitions or if during the competitions, competitors become aware of not being available they must withdraw immediately.


The Competition Secretary has the deciding say in all disputes and this will be adhered to by all competitors

5. Brookhouse Cup Competition


Two nominated player from each affiliated club shall take part.Where possible the representative should be the current Club Men’s and/or Ladies Singles Champion or both.


The competition shall be played as a knock-out singles competition throughout the normal playing season, each round being played as one game of 21 shots.


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